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I don’t quite eat-sleep-breathe personal branding, but there are weeks when I come close.

AKA last week.

On top of working with my (read: incredible) clients, I’ve been getting active as a mentor and pulling together content for the next six months of my column over at the Daily Muse.

But hey, spinning plates is fun when it’s related to personal branding. At least for me it is.

Anyhow, here are my three favorite branding questions from last week, complete with tips I thought you’d find wildly valuable:

Do I really need a social media presence outside of LinkedIn?


In banking? Criminal justice? You can probably skate by with just LinkedIn.

If your career path has anything to do with technology or marketing, your social media presence outside of LinkedIn is important. Really, really important.

Think of it this way: If someone claimed to be an expert rock climber, but you never saw them in climbing gear headed for the mountains, would you trust them? Nope!

To brand yourself in the digital sphere these days, you’ve gotta appear engaged with social media because it permeates what’s happening in a range of different industries.

Here’s the cool part: You don’t have to write long-winded blog posts or launch your own personal website (though those are awesome things too) to build a respectable web presence.

2-3 branding channels should do the trick. Engage with content that’s relevant to your area of expertise. Share stuff or make comments every other day or so.

That’s it. 

How Do I Get in Touch With Contacts I’ve Let Go Cold (Without Feeling Like a Jerk)?

Put yourself on their radar before you hit their inbox. It’s easy:

  • follow them
  • retweet a tweet they’re mentioned in
  • “Like” something they post
  • respond to open questions they ask, or comment on photos they share
  • share a link similar to a subject they care about

Do this once or twice over the course of a couple weeks to ensure that your actions seem natural. By the time you directly email your contact, your name will look familiar and increase the chances they’re receptive to your message.

Hint: This tactic also works with hiring managers and recruiters.

I feel brag-y when I self-promote online. How can I get over this?

Keep your web presence warm.

It’s the kind of thing you can do while you’re on hold with your insurance company, but it makes a big impact in the long term.

If you’ve been sharing valuable content and making some noise all along, you’ll feel less weird when you promote something of your very own. You’ll also feel less awkward if you regularly celebrate and promote the wins of others. After a while you go from feeling like a braggart, to being confident that you’re sharing the same positive, useful stuff that you do on a daily basis.

Got a nagging question about your personal brand? I’m all ears!


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