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3 LinkedIn Summary Templates You Should Totally Steal

While I’d never recommend operating with a LinkedIn profile that’s less than fabulous, I get that there are instances when you don’t need a deep-diving profile makeover. Sometimes, all you need is a a spanking-fresh summary to to get by until it’s time for that next twist, turn, or pivot in your career—and hey, I’ve got you covered! A

Personal Branding Q&A

I don’t quite eat-sleep-breathe personal branding, but there are weeks when I come close. AKA last week. On top of working with my (read: incredible) clients, I've been getting active as a mentor and pulling together content for the next six months of my column over at the Daily Muse. But hey, spinning plates is

You Can Totally Brand Yourself Using Social Media: Here’s How

We’re not all social media mavens. And, shockingly enough (brace yourself), not everyone is aspiring to be. That’s right, there are still people out there that don’t give a diamond encrusted “F” about how many new Instagram followers they have. Take one of my latest and greatest clients, for example: She’s young and knows what’s

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