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50+ Email Templates That Will Elevate Your Network & Career

When the pressure is on—and you’re looking to build key relationships—you know deep down that “I sincerely enjoyed meeting with you yesterday” thank you note and your dated “I see we’re in the same LinkedIn group” connection request tactic aren’t going to cut it.

How much time and energy do you spend crafting the perfect message, only to wonder if you you said the right thing in the first place?

Probably too much too mention and way more time than you’d like to think about.

Wouldn’t it be great if, when it came time to send those emails, you didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and could feel positive that your message was worthwhile?

If you’ve ever wanted help crafting any of the following messages, scroll to the bottom of this post and sign up to be notified when my free bundle of message templates goes live!


  • Connection Requests No One Can Ignore
  • Better Ways to Announce Your Job Search
  • Say No to Connection Requests (w/o Saying “No”)
  • Apply to Jobs That Aren’t Listed
  • Request Intros (w/o Being a Bother)
  • No-Fail Networking with Perfect Strangers
  • Check in When You Get No Response
  • Reach Out to Recruiters Who View Your Profile
  • Interview Thank-You’s That Actually Seal the Deal
  • Contacting Top Influencers in Your Industry
  • Follow Up After Events and Meetings
  • Re-starting A Conversation That Fizzled
  • And dozens of others!


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